Lancaster Community Homeless Shelter

Normally we have 55 beds available for emergency shelter, but during the cold weather months, November through March, we are able to provide 40 for single men at the shelter facility on Yucca, 36 beds for single women and 15 beds for families.

If there is any way you could help with raising funds for our ministries, we would be eternally grateful. Also, if you would forward this request to others who you think might help, that would be perfect.

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We are hoping that we can find help from people like you, who already know our track record, to help us. You know of our twenty-five year history of helping people. We have always, with your help, met the financial need. Our website shows most of what we do. I will be happy to provide any other information you might need.

The best part, of this opportunity is that we will be able to expand our life building programs and classes to the folks in the shelter. We will make this a better, safer, friendlier community, by increasing our capacity to help our people break the chain of poverty, hunger, and homelessness.

Thank you, and please let me know if you can help or need more information.

Yours to count on,

Steve Baker

Executive Director

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