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Community Volunteers

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We are always looking for volunteers to help at the Resource Center, and at the Thrift Center.  Help us meet our goals and responsibilities by becoming personally involved.

Thrift Shop

Grace Thrift Center has a great selection of new and previously owned items. Every day there is something different. Proceeds go to help our local community.


Our Mission is to empower people to thrive with dignity, not just survive, through training, education, food, clothing, shelter, medical care and spiritual investment.

The general purpose includes:

  1. The main purpose of this organization is to demonstrate the love of Jesus to the poor and needy in a tangible way by providing food and other resources.
  2. This will be a Christian ministry devoted to the spiritual as well as physical needs of the poor and needy with the salvation message given at every opportunity. However, the distribution of resources will not be subject to a required presentation of the Gospel.
  3. The organization will provide opportunity for hands-on ministry involvement of individuals and groups from churches of the area.
  4. This organization will be known as a Christian ministry of the combined efforts of several churches.
  5. The scope of the services will include all of the Antelope Valley area.
  6. This organization will be called GRACE RESOURCES.
  7. This organization will be governed by officers and directors initially elected by the Steering Committee.
  8. The officers and directors will be professing Christians who regularly attend a local Bible-believing Church.
  9. Funding resources for the organization will include churches, individuals, and businesses.
  10. This organization is not now, nor ever will be, a church.

Our vision is to eliminate hunger and poverty in the Antelope Valley, sharing the love of Christ in a tangible way by the giving of services.

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